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We can't operate without funding and there are a few ways which you can donate.

You Can Contact Us to arrange your donation, or you can click on the donate button below and donate using your credit / debit card via Paypal.

The Fight For Sight Campaign

We are Fight for Sight An Irish charity devoted to the prevention of Sight Loss. The Irish Fight for Sight Campaign is the only national voluntary organisation solely concerned with the prevention of sight loss.

For further information on the work of Irish Fight for Sight and details of your local group please contact us by clicking here or through your local organiser.

We aim to save sight by increasing public awareness of everyday risks and by raising money for research into eye disease and to purchase eye equipment for our hospitals.

In Ireland our hospital facilities are as good as anywhere in the world. Our doctors are dedicated and highly skilled. But it is no secret that money is constantly required to continue and increase this good work.

The Irish Fight for Sight Campaign was founded specifically to work against sight loss.

You can help us in this important task.

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